Our company started 5 years ago with a revolutionary engineering idea that has evolved into technology that will truly change the world.  Transportation is an integral part of life for most of the world and ultimately affects a vast number of industries.  Our technology will lead to a transportation revolution that we call the Alternative Transportation Era.  We decided to bring our company public in order to jump start this revolution.

For many people, flying motorcycles and cars represent a science fiction dream that seems inevitable but may not occur in our lifetime.  That has now changed and we will all see this new technology transform our world in amazing ways.  Aviator Cycles will develop and manufacture flying motorcycles and ATVs for use on roadways and off-road over snow, sand, water or any other terrain.

Aviator Cycles consists of a team that has not only developed and patented disruptive and groundbreaking transportation technology, but also has expertise in all aspects of this new industry:

  • Creative engineering
  • Visionary transportation ideas
  • Carbon fiber manufacturing
  • Computer aided design (CAD) and Computer aided manufacturing (CAM)
  • Company organizational management
  • Complex engineering logistics
  • Disruptive marketing
  • Advanced propulsion designs
  • Intellectual property protection

We hope you join us on this journey as a stock holder or a customer because it’s time to change the world.