Airborne Motors (parent company of Aviator Cycles) has developed the first useful new earthbound propulsion system in almost 80 years.  This technology will lead to amazing advances in the next few years that many engineers, scientists, and transportation experts had predicted would take decades or even centuries to achieve.  Just to give you an idea of the impact this technology will make, here is a snapshot of changes that will likely happen (or at least be in development) in the next 5-10 years:

  • Flying motorcycles and cars will be a reality.
  • Flying motorcycles and cars will transform racing and transportation.
  • Current jet engines will be replaced.
  • Quadcopters will be obsolete and useless.
  • Current drones will be replaced.
  • Wind turbines will be replaced or improved.
  • Cranes will be replaced.
  • Drones will be so common that they fill the skies.
  • Drones will eliminate school shootings.
  • Combat drones will eliminate most terrorist threats.
  • Delivery pods will visit millions of homes daily and transform delivery efficiency for retailers.
  • Rocket engines will be replaced.
  • Commercial airlines will be even safer and more profitable.
  • Factory automation will be improved.
  • Drones will save lives of U.S. soldiers and police officers every day.
  • Search and rescue will be improved.
  • Stabilizers will save countless transportation lives.
  • Vehicles will be able to fly in and out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

This may seem like an ambitious list but all of these things should be possible with our advanced propulsion technology.

The acronym for this technology is EGP.  Although the specifics of the technology are proprietary, we can detail some of the amazing things that EGP can accomplish:

  • EGP is the first useful new earthbound propulsion system since 1941.
  • EGP is the first and only propulsion system that creates a Chimara Effect with the simulation of gravity neutralization.
  • EGP will allow creation of the first true flying PAVs.
  • EGP will create the safest flying vehicles ever conceived with unequaled stability in all weather and wind conditions.
  • EGP creates a leverage effect that will dramatically improve energy efficiency and power.
  • EGP has only one moving part with dramatically less maintenance.
  • EGP can use the entire vehicle’s body to transmit energy for propulsion.
  • EGP allows development of the first powerful and efficient electric jet engine.
  • EGP is the first motor that creates thrust.
  • EGP allows development of the first all digital motor/engine.
  • EGP will lead to the Alternative Transportation Era.

Because of their small size and light weight, PAV’s (personal air vehicles) are more susceptible to instability, especially with strong wind or inclement weather.  To solve this instability problem, Aviator Cycles/Airborne Motors has developed and patented a propulsion system that results in neutralization of gravity and stabilization of the vehicle using the Chimara Effect.  This proprietary concept creates a dramatic paradigm shift in engineering design by using proven technology in a previously unrecognized and powerful way, which will result in the safest flying vehicles in history.  The propulsion system design also achieves dramatically greater energy efficiency with much greater controlled thrust than any existing propulsion system or any useful motor or engine that has ever been developed.

Although scientists theorize that anti-gravity as a force does exist in our Universe, most believe that there will not be a method of creating anti-gravity in our lifetime.  We agree with them in theory, but scientists are thinking about this in the wrong way.

One of our favorite quotes from Steve Jobs says it all:

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.  Keep – Thinking – Different.”